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Word Counter is Essential Tools  for Article Writing 

At first, I didn't give much thought to word counter tools once I began writing content online. However, after registering at several Web 2.0 sites, I noticed that this is able to be a crucial part of my online writing strategy. Unfortunately, I've never been a quick enough writer to compose directly on the online 2.0 sites themselves - by the time I even have my thoughts collected and arranged, my browser times out, and that I lose whatever I've entered within the form.


Obviously, the answer to the present problem is to compose online content beforehand. This not only solves the browser time-out problem - but also provides the chance to more carefully choose keywords while writing. this will make an enormous difference in how well optimized the content is for search engines and web directories. no matter which sort of editing tool you favor (see word counter resources below), it's helpful to possess a rough idea of the word count and character count guidelines that the majority of Web 2.0 sites ask you to follow.


Article Submission internet sites - Suggested Word and Character Count


Main Story - to make sure that submitted content provides some value to readers, most article submission sites suggest a word count of a minimum of 250 for the most story. 


Titles and Summaries - additionally to your main story, most article submission sites invite a title and summary of your work. you'll check at the online site itself for specific guidelines, but as a general rule, your target count for titles should be around 50-100 characters (not words). For summaries, you will find most internet site guidelines suggest 100-200 characters.


Social Bookmarking internet sites - Suggested Word and Character Count


Main Description or Summary - this could be a quick overview of the article you're reviewing.  


Titles - almost like article submission sites, the titles you provide to a social bookmarking site are usually limited to 100 characters.


Word Counter and Character Counter Tools


You'll find a spread of online word counting tools online, but not all tools allow you to save lots of your work for publishing at a later date. you would possibly also consider whether you favor a tool that counts words and characters while you're typing, instead of having to click a "count" button to ascertain the entire at any given time. In some cases, an easy data processing program, like MS Word, will do the trick for letting you count characters and keep a saved copy of your work.