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About Page Speed Checker

What is Page Speed Checker?

Website and page speed tests are used to determine the speed of a selected page or an entire website. Page speed depends on the time it takes the content on a URL to load. ... Website speed is additionally a crucial factor for an honest user experience.

Does speed affect SEO?

The answer is that page speed does affect SEO. Page speed could also be an immediate ranking factor, a fact known even better since Google's Algorithm Speed Update. Page speed can affect rankings indirectly, that's a piece of bad news. As a result, increasing bounce rate and decreasing dwell time.

How can you increase your website page speed?

  1. Avoid post-click landing page redirects. ...
  2. Enable compression. ...
  3. Minify CSS, HTML, JavaScript. ...
  4. Prioritize above-the-fold content. ...
  5. Speed up server response time. ...
  6. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript. ...
  7. Leverage browser caching. ...
  8. Optimize images.
  9. Reduce the number of plugins
  10. Use website caching
  11. Implement Gzip Compression
  12. Database optimization in CMS
  13. Reduce the use of web fonts
  14. Detect 404 errors
  15. Reduce redirects

Significance of page speed checker

Page speed is additionally important to the user experience. If website page speed is faster then the client visits the website happily. As a result, the bounce rate is decreasing. So page speed checker is very important for a website to rank on google.


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