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About Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker is an apparatus assembled exclusively to compute the watchword thickness of any website page. 


The dev group at SEO Small Tools made the apparatus in the wake of discovering that a few advertisers were all the while stuffing their substance with heaps of watchwords even without acknowledging it. This left their sites enduring as Google doesn't need you to pack your substance with watchwords pointlessly. 


This apparatus takes care of that issue impeccably. It permits you to examine either an entire page utilizing its URL or a piece of text by reordering. 


The easiest strategy for computing catchphrase thickness is typically to isolate the occasions a specific watchword is referenced in a content by the absolute number of words in the content, and afterward increase the outcome by 100 to get your rate.


The advancement of the Internet and web indexes caused website admins to contend with one another to decide whose site is positioned better. Already, watchword thickness assumed a significant part during the time spent positioning sites. As time passed by, website admins figured out how to decide the methods of how it tends to be changed. Subsequently, web indexes began to gauge different angles that are outside website admin's ability to control. It is utilized to be a significant issue, and it implies the abuse of watchwords and expressions. However today, sites can be punished for mishandling watchword stuffing.


The best watchword thickness resembles the ideal substance length… An inquiry posed by numerous and fortunately replied by not many. There is no careful response to this inquiry, since everything relies upon the theme your expounding on. A few themes ideal for long substance structures and a ton of related watchwords and equivalent words. Then again you have the themes that are best presented with a smaller piece of substance and a higher reiteration of similar catchphrases. The best guidance on this point is composing common and for human clients rather than PCs calculations and crawlers.


Our online Tool dissects 3 distinct points. It will show one, Two and Three words thickness. Recurrence of utilizing one same term should not surpass from 3% of your absolute substance and in the event of long tail search queries you should keep it between 1-2%. 


Presently most basic inquiry comes as a main priority; what will occur on the off chance that I surpass it's cutoff points. Unnecessary utilization of the same words or expression may be not suggested via web search tools and your site may be punished by google or being under the segment of catchphrase stuffing. So never and at any point attempt to over-enhance your site content.

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