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About Broken Links Finder

What is Broken Link Finder?


Broken Link Finder is an online tool that checks for broken links. Within a few minutes, it scans your page or the entire site and generates a broken links report. The report is generated without the need to install or run any external program files. The 'Broken Link Checker' then shows which connections are working and which are not.


Broken Links Finder's Intent


Broken Link Checker keeps track of both internal and external links on your site and checks them for broken links. It aids in the removal of broken ties in order to enhance SEO and user experience. External and internal connections in your blogs, forums, comments, blogroll, and custom fields are all monitored (optional).


Broken Links Finder's Importance


If a user clicks on a broken connection, they will receive 404 errors (Page Not Found pages) or other HTTP errors. It can be difficult to keep track of all the links and pages on your site as it grows, which is where a broken link checker comes in handy.


Broken Connection Detector, How does it work?


Settings -> Link Checker allows you to keep track of the progress and adjust different link checking options. If any broken links are discovered, they will appear in a new tab in the WP admin panel called Tools -> Broken Links. A warning will also appear in the Dashboard's "Broken Connection Checker" widget.


How to fix a website's broken links


1 Pick Crawl Errors from the Diagnostics menu on the left.

2 Choose the Not Found category from the drop-down menu.

3 Click to see which page contains the broken link if it is open.

4 To see if the URL has been indexed in Google, copy and paste it into the search box to see if any results appear.