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What you can do with this Link Building tool? 

The free Link Building tool provided by Counting Characters allows you to find out quality backlink opportunities our tool is the best for those SEO professionals who are always looking for good websites to identify their website link.

• You can find the best resources to build links by industry and your country.
• This tool helps you to create quality backlinks by following tasks: Post submission, Guest Post, Question Answers, Business Listings, Forums, Classifieds, and so on.

How important link building is in SEO?

• SEO is divided into two parts, the first is On-page SEO and the second is Off-page SEO. The second part of SEO is about Link Building.
• In this name, we find related websites to get backlinks to our website.
• Multiple backlinks mean more votes to your website.
• Today, we need to focus on quality rather than quantity.
• That's why we created this tool that helps you get the best backlinks resources.
• Backlink has two types in particular:
1) Do-Follow Backlink
2) No-Follow Backlink.

Link Building Strategies 

1. Directory Submission

Index submission is the best way for a page to find a list of newly developed websites on authoritative guide websites. With the use of this tool, you can get the interface of backlinks by searching Google queries.

2. Guest Post

Guest posting is one of the most successful jobs in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many managers and bloggers use this tool to find those blogs that receive guest postings.

3. Business Listings

Business listing is the most important measure of the results of a local listing. Unlike Google Business Listings, there are many more platforms, where you can list your business like Yelp, Hotfrog, Business Finder, and so on. This tool helps you to get business listing backlinks right on Google.

4. Answering Questions

Answering questions about your business is the best way to connect with your target customers. This tool helps you find those questions related to your business, so you can easily answer those questions. Find business-related questions on Quora, Yahoo Answers, Answers Wiki, and other platforms now.

5. Separated submissions

Separate submissions also help build sales, if you add quality images and a well-written description to your category. Our tool helps you find local affiliated websites, where you can submit your segmented daily and weekly business. Make sure you use quality images that involve users clicking on your website's URL.

6. Posting of the Forum

There are too many forums or social networking websites, where you can find backlinks to your website with feedback and suggestions for a particular chat. By using our tool, you can search for forum websites as your business organization.